Welcome to the New Year!

Monotypes are one of a kind prints, made by creating an original painting on a surface, called a plate. Then, by placing paper on top of the plate and pulling it through a printing press with the correct amount of pressure applied, the painting transfers to the paper that results in the artwork being created. These are original one of a kind prints, although as you can see below, I created a “ghost” print by pulling the same plate through the press again for a “ghostly” image.

The first two images I created from impressions I’ve had of the area I live in–the moon reflecting on the flowing or frozen Rio Grande River or upon glassy snow. Snowfall, is how the snow appears on the small spruce and fir trees in the mountains–big undisturbed clumps of fluffiness. And the last two are from a memory I have of flying a kite with my next door 80 year old neighbor and a little boy named Grayson this past summer.

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of this work. Thanks!

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