Experimental Water media Paintings

I loved participating in this workshop and learning new techniques in painting. It gave me opportunity to create, explore, laugh a ton, and commune with 20 other artists!

Christine Mercer Kraft

I assisted Stephen Quiller (www.quillergallery.com) in his water media painting workshop this past week at the 4UR in Creede, Colorado. Amidst the hubbub of assisting the attendees and Steve, I was able to participate some and work on a few pieces with his techniques. These are a combination of casein, acrylic, and gouache. The 4UR is an idyllic ranch with a five star restaurant, staff and views. I had a great time being there and meeting new friends!

This is very much like Steve’s demonstration painting, but it does have my own marks and style present on it.

This is a painting of the Bosque Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico, painted from reference I took when we were there in March. Below are a few shots of the workshop on the 4UR.

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