View from the Studio

Nature Feeds me, but so does being in the studio to recreate how I feel when I’m in the out of doors. —
Christine Mercer Kraft

After three weeks of being very busy: attending my high school reunion, enjoying company from Kansas City and Durango, making a trip to Newport Beach, CA to attend a graduation and award ceremony for a very accomplished niece, I’ve been able to be in the studio again!

Below are my newest prints. In today’s lingo, you may confuse a fine art “print” (a one of a kind hand pulled print) and a giclee “print” (a reproduction of a piece of artwork in a limited edition). The artwork below are one of a kind original paintings I did then transferred to fine art paper. They are called Monotypes (one of a kind).

You will be able to meet me and see them in person if you visit my studio during the Silver Thread Studio Tour in Creede, CO August 16th. Or, at my exhibition for the month of September at the Creede Hotel!

The first five prints are 22 x 30″ unframed
The last two prints are 6 x 10″ unframed

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