Christine Mercer Kraft obtained a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, Ohio. She draws inspiration from nature in the San Juan Mountains, Creede, Colorado, observing nature close-up, incorporating the colors, textures, and light representative of the patterns on trout, the bottom of small streams and foliage. Her medium is primarily gouache, metallic foils, iridescent paints on watercolor paper, sometimes incorporating mixed media in collage.

“I capture in my artwork, moments of nature I’ve observed in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado while hiking or fly fishing for trout; the decorative rocky bottom of a stream with the sun’s reflection in the water, dancing, moving, sparkling; the reflection of grass and trees wiggling on the surface; a glimpse of the intense blue sky glimmering between the shadows of the pines; the patterns on a trout. With a keen eye toward composition, color, texture and proportion, I closely observe and magnify the decorative patterns I see and try to evoke the peacefulness, playfulness and adventure I experience.”-Christine Mercer Kraft


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  1. Hello,
    I wasn’t sure if my last comment made it through. My husband and Iove your Trout and Landscape paintings and are interesting in purchasing one for our anniversary in March. I tried contacting the Abbey Lane Gallery, with no luck, Please contact me if your artwork is still for sale.
    Thank you!

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