I have completed a variety of artwork that includes different media and subject matter. Below is a sampling of my work. You can purchase originals and reproductions of many of these printed on Fine Art Paper and Canvas from:



3 thoughts on “PORTFOLIO

  1. Dear Chris, your trout paintings are SO original!!! I love them. Also the landscapes of the Colorado sky are awesome. Just wanted to let you know my thoughts!! Cheryl

  2. Christine, your landscapes made me miss Creede. I never get tired of looking up that valley. Would you sell any of your framed trout watercolors without the frames? Your spring paintings have a little different look than the ones we bought from you last summer and I’d want the new ones to have the same look. The two I like are the ones in the upper right and the lower left of your framed grouping. I know Jim is fond of these and if they’re not for sale I understand.

    I also enjoyed your dog portraits. I have a picture of the late Zeus on a woodpile in our woods that I’ve been thinking about making into a painting for Denise. I’ll send it to you and we can talk on the phone.


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