On living, dying, another chance and art

2022 had been a wonderful, productive summer. I painted and printed, framed and sold artwork as I’ve never done before, had an open house on the Silver Thread Studio Tour, an exhibit in downtown Creede and had lots of visitors come to my home. And the wildflowers that I sowed too late for any hope of growing and for the first time at 8852′ bloomed with abandon!

I thought I was going to die on the vine. Peaceful contemplation, friends and art helped me survive.

Christine Mercer Kraft

Then, I had a huge loss; of my mother, of my husband’s health. Bittersweet experiences. There are no words for the loss of my mother. Grief lingers, shouts at me when I least expect it, I find peace, then it all repeats. The upside is, skillful surgeons have fixed up my husband’s heart and all is well with him and we continue living life together. Thanks to friends and family that got me though all of this.

I’m now facing Springtime reflecting on the upsides of 2022. Below are some the prints and paintings I produced and a few photos of my opening!

You are invited to stop in the Creede Hotel, Creede, Colorado to see my latest work in an exhibit for the month of September. Cocktail reception Friday, September 17th. Time to be announced.

View from the Studio

Nature Feeds me, but so does being in the studio to recreate how I feel when I’m in the out of doors. —
Christine Mercer Kraft

After three weeks of being very busy: attending my high school reunion, enjoying company from Kansas City and Durango, making a trip to Newport Beach, CA to attend a graduation and award ceremony for a very accomplished niece, I’ve been able to be in the studio again!

Below are my newest prints. In today’s lingo, you may confuse a fine art “print” (a one of a kind hand pulled print) and a giclee “print” (a reproduction of a piece of artwork in a limited edition). The artwork below are one of a kind original paintings I did then transferred to fine art paper. They are called Monotypes (one of a kind).

You will be able to meet me and see them in person if you visit my studio during the Silver Thread Studio Tour in Creede, CO August 16th. Or, at my exhibition for the month of September at the Creede Hotel!

The first five prints are 22 x 30″ unframed
The last two prints are 6 x 10″ unframed

Work in Progress

These are my latest creations. Some are ready for framing, but the two smallest, the bright orange pieces, of the Bosque in New Mexico I’ll complete this week. Enjoy! Contact me if you have questions.

Creating around other artists forces me to up my game! Thanks for your inspiration fellow workshop attendees.

Christine Mercer Kraft

Experimental Water media Paintings

I loved participating in this workshop and learning new techniques in painting. It gave me opportunity to create, explore, laugh a ton, and commune with 20 other artists!

Christine Mercer Kraft

I assisted Stephen Quiller (www.quillergallery.com) in his water media painting workshop this past week at the 4UR in Creede, Colorado. Amidst the hubbub of assisting the attendees and Steve, I was able to participate some and work on a few pieces with his techniques. These are a combination of casein, acrylic, and gouache. The 4UR is an idyllic ranch with a five star restaurant, staff and views. I had a great time being there and meeting new friends!

This is very much like Steve’s demonstration painting, but it does have my own marks and style present on it.

This is a painting of the Bosque Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico, painted from reference I took when we were there in March. Below are a few shots of the workshop on the 4UR.

Thank you!

I sold and installed three of my framed monotypes today.
Above: Quiet on Grannie’s Meadow
Below: Aspen at Dusk, and To Love Lake.

Gratitude to my newest patrons who are decorating their home with local artisans work.
Thank you for your patronage!

Original one of kind Monotypes

Recent large prints. Paper size 22″ x 30″.

These will be framed and available for delivery in the Spring.
If you are interested in purchasing these original artworks, please contact me for more information and prices. If you are interested in this artwork as a reproduction, please contact me.


One of a kind images. My work from January & February. As of now, these are unframed, but I’ll be doing that soon. They range in size from 22×30″ to 6″x6″. Click on photos for details and to click through the slides.

Welcome to the New Year!

Monotypes are one of a kind prints, made by creating an original painting on a surface, called a plate. Then, by placing paper on top of the plate and pulling it through a printing press with the correct amount of pressure applied, the painting transfers to the paper that results in the artwork being created. These are original one of a kind prints, although as you can see below, I created a “ghost” print by pulling the same plate through the press again for a “ghostly” image.

The first two images I created from impressions I’ve had of the area I live in–the moon reflecting on the flowing or frozen Rio Grande River or upon glassy snow. Snowfall, is how the snow appears on the small spruce and fir trees in the mountains–big undisturbed clumps of fluffiness. And the last two are from a memory I have of flying a kite with my next door 80 year old neighbor and a little boy named Grayson this past summer.

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of this work. Thanks!

September Steamroller Event

On September 18th, the Creede Arts Council held their 2nd Annual Steamroller Event. Below is my printed woodcut, available for sale through the CAC auction website. (I also have one available for sale). One half of the proceeds goes to the Creede Arts Council and the other half to me. There are other artist’s prints available for sale as well from that event.

Check it out!


My print, titled, Mountain Cottontail, 24″ x 36″ (image size), black ink on tyvek, $225.00